Friday, 23 May 2014

Dear editor,
I agree everyone should pick up their own dogs droppings, especially in the park because kids will be running around and then they will come back in a heap of dog poo stuck on their feet.The owners of the dogs need to take responsibility of their dogs and bring plastic bags along everyday or every day they you go on walks around places.People need to keep streams, rivers and other places clean thats why i agree with this.
Maths like a pirate 

Last Friday we made bridge's for maths , we made our bridges out of newspaper ,cello tape and a meter straw we had two chairs on the outside for our bridge's.You had to make the bridge one meter long or longer, after that we had twenty four raw eggs to balance on our bridge's lots of them kept on cracking and falling off the bridge's the key is balance.

For Zoo’s
Against Zoo’s
1. Zoos keep animals healthy and safe from their enemies and predators
1. People take animal’s babies off them and take them away
2. I think zoo’s make people want to go there by all the cute a cool animals they have
2. Not many people take care of animals as they hurt snakes and other things like underwater animals
3.Zoo’s keep animals safe

Zoos make animals healthy and they make them kind too all the different animals.The zoo's keep animals hidden away from the hunters and people who try to make them extinct.This is why I agree with zoo’s

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

 My First Move Up To Mini Squad

I put my fins on and get ready to start the race ‘Get ready, set go!’’.

I power off the wall kicking my legs and pushing my arms.
I Tumble turn back ‘’ok’’ I say to myself ‘’One more length to go’’.  Suddenly I thought to myself I need to ‘’speed up, I’m nearly there.

I begin to kick and push my body hard, I start to feel puffed and tired. I reached my hand out to the wall.

When I get to the end I saw my mum cheering for me.

I felt very proud after that race.