Wednesday, 24 June 2015

My Poems

Splatters and drops,
make very loud plops.

Rain, Water,
                                                           Freezing, Frozen, Snow,
Hailing, Frost, Chilly, Hot Chocolate,

                                             Cold, Bitter, Slippery, Snowball, Snowflake.

Rebecca Ellis

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Some Year Six Leaders went to NYLD

Displaying IMG_0888.JPGSome year six's went on a trip to palmerston north, The people that shared a speech were Jamie Mcdell, William Pike, Paul Blackwell, Marcus Winter(The Sand Man), Phoenix, Chris Jupp and Sariyha Paiha. Some of us got a badge that was $5
The bus had Curtains a toilet and a TV. There were over 2,000 pupils at the NYLD event, They ran awesome games with a big disco ball and prizes for the speakers.
Jamie Mcdell sang Crash and Life In Sunshine.
Marcus Winter painted a picture of mountains a waterfall and trees and gave it away to the school that travel the most.

|Here is the Pin|                

Room 13 made stitch Art with Mrs Gennet

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