Friday, 22 May 2015

Eg- Sheeran's First day at school  he made friends with Charlotte, Egward, Eggy perry and many many more

Eg- Sheeran’s first time watching me swimming….
3 photos
Dinner Time Mash potatoes veggies and sausages….
Home time....
Bed time….
One day later and this happened…. (the worst thing ever)

Monday, 11 May 2015

My biking time

My biking time

by Rebecca M. Ellis

With 15 minutes of free time
And six minutes ticking off the clock,
Starting to slow down around the corner,
Enjoying the fun,
Practising my pedal tapping for skills,
Brushing the sweat of my head,
Slowly pedal tapping among the ground,
Then I look how far I have to go
Raises the pedal to turn,
I try to keep still,
Slowly turning,
And suddenly getting deeper down,
Breathing in and out,
I stop,
Bounce off,
Getting up,
Until everyone stops and begs to go on the track--

We wait        
   We wait   
                                                                       We wait

Right before the lights are red,

Turn and come back.

Friday, 1 May 2015

The mountain was usual enough

My poem

The mountain was usual enough; it had
A rocky path, a bridge, a hut , a stream
Flowing down, and even a narrow ledge that lead to a look Out I never went on. My sister, my parents and I
Did what families do- walked up together,
Made hiking sticks, looked out for each other, raced
Each other up and down, drinking and eating, puffing and Huffing, sulking and screaming.

Doing nothing important.